Dharma Wellness Spa

Dharma Wellness Opening in Missoula Late Fall 2021

Missoula is a place that inspires us. 

The community is close, active, and focused on knowledge, growth and happiness.  People who live here love nature just like we do and that is exactly what Ayurveda is- a science of a way of life that is focused on nature and inner happiness. Ayurveda is about trusting your health in nature’s hands.

We are excited to be planning our Grand Opening Event estimated to happen in the first week of November. We will offer live music, holistic food and beverages, free mini spa service samplings, free mini ayurvedic consultations, free chakra reading, free sample Tibetan sound bowl healing, raffle for a free Santosha Massage, and a free Kombucha Facial.  15% off your first service for all who book while at the event.  

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